Built by 

Special Needs Parents for Special Needs Families

1st Life Planning was formed in 2012 by a group of concerned and passionate Special Needs parents aspiring to address the ongoing needs of caring for our loved ones within the special needs community. We are dedicated to the continual identification, education, communication and delivery of services from childhood through adulthood. The focus of 1st Life Planning is on providing housing solutions that will serve adults with special needs for generations to come, alleviating the greatest fear that aging parents of special needs children face.

1st Life Planning collaborates with HCS providers who are interested in providing their clients with housing based solutions that include Respite and long-term housing and who share our philosophy for serving the entire community. In addition, 1st Life Planning realizes not everyone will be fortunate enough to receive HCS benefits and has developed affordable residential strategies and options for Special Needs families who have no option but private pay.

Our model was founded by parents looking to establish a more fulfilling quality of life with a superior support infrastructure in a home environment for adults with special needs and a secure future with community involvement, day habitation, volunteering and job participation. This model has received its 501(c)3 designation and is known as 1st Life Planning Parents and Partners.

 What makes us different:

  • Special Needs Family Designed, Owned and Governed
  • Long Term Vision with Protected Structure
  • Develop Life Plan for Residency Transition
  • Continuous Development of Services
  • High Percentage Income Reinvestment in Housing Support and Services
  • Charitable Investment Arm
  • Parent Designed Staff Training
  • Family Education for Social Benefits