• To provide opportunities for the education of adults with special needs in order to facilitate and support independent living
  • To provide, operate and maintain residences for adults with special needs
  • To provide areas of social and interpersonal interaction between adults with special needs

Questions and Concerns that Parents of Individuals with Special Needs Struggle to Address:

  • How do we find the best environment for our adult child?
  • Is there a better option than a group home?
  • How will we transition from home to a forever home?
  • Will we find other adults he/she will enjoy living with?
  • What kind of activities will he/she participate in?
  • What type of food will he/she eat?
  • Will he/she be able to cook?
  • Will he/she have a job, volunteer or day program?
  • How do we pay for care for a lifetime, what benefits?
  • What happens to our child when we pass?

What makes 1st Life Planning Different

  • Special Needs Family Designed, Funded and Governed
  • Long Term Vision and Structure
  • Path and Plan for Residency Transition
  • Continuous Development of Services
  • Reinvestment in Housing Support and Services
  • Charitable Support Through 1st Life Planning Parents & Partners
  • Parent Inspired Staff Training
  • Social Benefits Family Education